Compensation Plan

Every company promises rewards which are financiers. Jeunesse Global promises rewards which are much more than some money. This outstanding company:

  • change the mentalities,
  • redefined the objectives and the dreams,
  • transform the experiences of life of people.

With one of the most lucrative wage plans are balanced well, the Financial plan of Jeunesse Global rewards is capable of rewarding more people with more money.

There are six manners to charge with jeunesse Global :

  • Profits of sales in details
  • Bonus of Acquisition again customer
  • Commission of Team
  • Bonus of corresponding leadership
  • Encouragement of acquisition of new customers
  • Pool of bonus of leadership

The financial Global plan of youth rewards(awards) plans to overturn directly to his distributors approve Youth Global a commission on the weekly sales volume with no limit of the number of levels on which you can win commissions.

You earn money according to the sales of products and by the construction and the training of your distributors’ own organization.

So much reason to re-join(re-contact) from today this outstanding company in this sector, by following the instructions of the attached form.